Powering the exchange of data across the food and agriculture system

FarmStack is an open-source, interoperable data platform helping organizations and farmers to make sense of ever-increasing data about food and agriculture to solve problems, make better decisions, and preserve privacy, especially for farmers.

Integrating Farm Data

Enabling organizations to securely share farm and farmer-level data such as soil, weather etc. with one another.

Integrating Communication Channels

Combining various data points to enable push and pull behaviors for farmers to access advisories across multiple channels (face-to-face, video, IVR, SMS, radio).

Integrating Markets

Improving farmers’ access to inputs and markets by connecting public, private, and civil society partners.



Increase yield and income by choosing customized services & controlling own data

Market Actors

Grow business by sharing & accessing data to refine services that better serve customers

Organizations can build and implement their own applications on top of FarmStack 

Here’s an example

Meet Magartu, a Vegetable Farmer in Ethiopia.

Magartu sells her vegetables to a wholesaler, who maintains data of her transactions over time, linked to a digital signature.  

Without FarmStack

The wholesaler controls Magartu’s data, so she can’t access it when applying for a loan. 
Banks make top-down decisions on which loan products to offer Magartu.
Magartu can’t demonstrate her creditworthiness; her loan is denied. 

With FarmStack

Magartu controls her own data, sharing it with the bank of her choosing.
Magartu chooses which financial service are most relevant to her. 
Magartu’s loan is approved, based on a fair assessment of her data.

Current Projects


Developing a government-led agricultural platform to support 3.5M wheat and dairy farmers, through the Digital Agricultural Advisory Services (DAAS) project.


Supporting cashew and tomato farmers in Andhra Pradesh with targeted advisories accessed through multiple channels and better linkage with markets disrupted by COVID-19.


FarmStack is Powered by Digital Green

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FarmStack is powered by Digital Green a global development organization that empowers smallholder farmers to lift themselves out of poverty by harnessing the collective power of technology and grassroots-level partnerships.